Following up on yesterday’s Sufjan Stevens video wankfest

Here are some fantasticly ferocious live music finds from

Disco Biscuits – “Voices Insane”

One of my favorite-ist Bisco tunes…

Radiohead – “15 Steps”

Having never seen live — really, ever — I was quite surprised to see that this is how performs. I guess I never figured that it’d be so upbeat in some ways…

STS9 – Clip from Wakarusa 2006

I actually really like this clip (forget the song name), but simply for the fact that the music actually sounds pretty good and you’re way far back. You can see a fire dancer in the foreground…

Sufjan Stevens – “Jacksonville”

This song ending always gives me chills…

Tea Leaf Green – “Reservoir”

Get yo jam on!

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