Hippie Workout Teaser Powered by Bisco

Did you guys get a chance to check out the latest LMB podcast yet? If you haven’t, make you sure you check that s*** out and throw this address into iTunes so you get all the new podcasts in the future:

I was psyched when I heard the idea from Whit, and I think it really came out well overall. Jamband music itself and any long stretches and expanses of instrumental music lend themselves nicely as workout background music, and at times you’d find yourself clicking your iPod up to 11 when the jam starts to get heavy. Hell, Nike and LCD Soundsystem teamed up last year to create a 45-minute track designated specifically for workouts. I think Whit might be onto something here.

While we work to continue to kick around some ideas on future mixes, keep commenting or emailing us new ideas for what you’d want playing in your ears when you hit the treadmill. When I eventually work one up, I can guarantee that you’ll get part of this jam shown in the video below.

Disco Biscuits Haymaker Astronaut [YouTube]

When the beat drops out on this and the band really locks in — right at about 3:30 — 60% of the time, I get chills every time.