More on the Shakedown Fest debacle that happened earlier this year; we tried to provide both sides. At current date, both sides say the other side caused the cancellation. Who’s telling the truth? [Pollstar]

Kevin Shapiro added a version of Dave’s Energy Guide from Page’s first show to their MySpace archive page. Check it out here.

The new video for Denial Twist by White Stripes features Conan O’Brien. People often tell me that I slightly resemble Conan, and I’ve always taken that as a good complement. [Stereogum]

Spin Doctors will be opening up for the Disco Biscuits (???) on their New Year’s Eve run. WTF. I guess it makes sense from the explanation, but I just see this as one hilarious pairing for some reason. I remember the Spin Doctors as “that crappy band that sang Two Princes…” even though I know they have some jamband-friendly roots. That still doesn’t excuse it

Download some Broken Social Scene mp3s from their KSRW performance from Muzzle of Bees.