festivities for 2012 are in full swing today. Here are 13 hand-picked videos ranging from Bach to . Hopefully they help you get in the blood-sucking-mood. And don’t worry, “y Woman” by is not included.

Feel free to use these selections for your party playlist! First up is a of “This is ” by composer Danny Elfman. The song is from the Tim Burton film, “A Nightmare Before Christmas.”

, “This is

The Alan Parson’s Project, “The Raven” (Edgar Allen Poe)

Alan Parsons Project The Raven

, “head”

’s, “No One s Forever” ( style)

, “” -> “Spooky” (10/31/10)

| 10.31.10 | → Spooky

, “Zombie Zoo”

- Zombie Zoo (with lyrics)

The Ventures, “Fear”

Blue Oyster Cult, “Don’t Fear The Reaper”

Curtis Knight, “Voodoo Woman”

Curtis Knight - Voodoo Woman

and the Fresh , “Nightmare On My Street”


The of Johann Sebastian Bach, “The Toccata and Fugue” in D minor

Honorable must-mention to Michael Jackson’s Thriller which comes in at #1 on every list known to . Check back here tomorrow for in-depth age of what has become a very busy night in the world of live music! Coverage of , , , , and much, much more!

Trick or Treat?