Great Summary Video of High Sierra 2009


I’m bummed that I didn’t know the phillyspread guy from YouTube was at High Sierra this year until late last night. He put up a fantastic summary video of the High Sierra festivities, including a great section of the “From the Delta to the Desert” session with Vieux Farka Toure & Fareed Haque as well as highlights from the kickball jam session by Vince Herman, Brad Bar and Nathan Moore (among others) that lead the first kickball session of the weekend.

I was uninitiated on the kickball fun at High Sierra, but I’m told that after the late night shows and when the sun starts rising, all the tweakers that are still awake engage in a kickball game in the meadow between the main stage and the side stages. It’s basically a free for all for anybody that wants to play, and people get creative with their game-play also. I heard that someone lined up a golf cart as a “base runner,” loaded it up with people, had someone pitch and kick, then the golf cart takes off for first base. I was told the golf cart got pegged with a ball, thereby making all people on the golf cart instantly out. I really wish I could have seen that. My festival stamina was nothing compared to the folks I met along the way.

High Sierra Music Festival – 2009 [YouTube]