Grace Potter, Backyard Tire Fire Do Sun Studio

Backyard Tire Fire – “Honey to a Bee” []

If you haven’t caught wind of the Sun Studio Sessions news yet, let me fill you in a bit. I chat from time to time with Jeff Davidson and David Schultz, the guys that blog over at, and a few months back I found out that Jeff was helping to promote a new project down in Nashville. The legendary Sun Studio was setting up to start hosting live performances from a new crop of roots artists across the country, and they were going to film and produce the sessions for broadcast over the internets. The first session was Grace Potter & the Nocturnals, and the next one that was put up was Backyard Tire Fire (shown above).

It’s no secret that I’ll link up Backyard Tire Fire whenever I can. I’m full force behind their rise out of alt-country obscurity, and they’re definitely continuing to follow their roots by opening up for the big guys in the scene. They’re about to head out on tour with Reverend Horton Heat and Nashville Pussy. There was a great moment of synergy yesterday while I was riding the train, and it featured Backyard Tire Fire’s song, “Tom Petty.” Given that I’m about a week away from moving to California, the song seemed to take on a special meaning for me and it gave me a nice grin on my commute into work.

As for Grace Potter, there’s just something in the air that surrounds this siren of a vixen of a lead woman. Hearing her say, “that’s f***ing sexy…” after the band gives a new arrangement a try only lead me to think about these photos that recently got published.

Now that’s f***ing sexy.