A few days ago a friend told me to check out a video of a bass player and all he said was, “wait til you see this girl prodigy play.”

After the impressive :53 seconds were up I immediately started looking up as much info on her as I could. Better to be late to the party than not be invited at all.

It’s not every day you see a musician able to hold it down Jeff . Then after a few searches I became even more impressed at the resume she had already put together. Playing the likes of The , , , and Chick Corea (I could go on and on).

She learned guitar at age of 14 before focusing soley on the bass instrument, dropping out of high school and moving from her home in Syndey, Australia to City. There she gained a name for herself playing jazz clubs. She recorded her debut album Transformation at the age of 20 in City and has consistently produced with some of the bigger names in the business.

You may have even spotted her on the season finale of Saturday Night in May. She was a guest of Jeff , who was performing alongside with host, . I watched the episode and didn’t even realize it was her until . That won’t happen again. is officially on the concert radar and should have been on it a lot sooner.

She just updated her Facebook page with a date promising new material at the Roxy Theatre on August 11th. I will try my darndest to get there for a review if at possible.

Here are a few more videos I dug up to give you a better idea of her talent:

with Tal Wilkenfeld at Crossroads 2007

Tal Wilkenfeld awesome solo..

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