I just checked out this trailer for the upcoming documentary about Jamaican dub music called Dub Echoes. It’s by Brazilian journalist and documentarian Bruno Natal. This looks (and sounds) very cool:

Summary from the website:

At first, one might think that reggae and dance music don’t have much to do with each other. But that’s a false perception. The documentary “Dub Echoes” aims to show how jamaican music invention called dub ended up influencing much of what we hear nowadays, notably in the dance music scene, transforming the studio in a musical instrument and giving way to all of sonic experiments. “Dub Echoes” was shot, by a brazilian crew, in Kingston (Jamaica), London (UK), NY, Washington, LA (US) and Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). In the interviews, key names from both reggae and electronic music world, talk about the birth of this genre, how it helped to change the way we perceive music and how it’s presence can still be felt today. Get ready for a reggae trip that will take your mind beyond you’ve ever imagined. Just follow the bass lines.

I’m a big dub fan, but I have barely even scratched the surface of all of the classic dub reggae out there.

Thanks to Listening Post for the tip.

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