WORDS by Tara Kilkenny || PHOTOS by Nick Irving

Locals and out-of-towners alike piled into Olive’s for a much-anticipated experience. Consider the Source, hailing from New York City, have gathered quite the following in the Northeast and around the world. Their Middle Eastern and European tours have allowed the trio to consistently expand and express their “Sci-Fi Middle Eastern Funk”. After a fun, sizzling opening set from fellow Big apple dwellers, Unexplained Bacon, CTS took the stage with wide-eyed listeners ready for take off.

The unique sounds from guitarist Gabriel Marin’s Fret-Less double neck guitar had many listeners doting the show as unlike anything they had ever seen or heard before. With “Abdiel”, the band quickly drew attention to their influences from around the world. Following with “Keep Your Pimp Hand Strong”, the band incorporated more of their psychedelic jams and hard-rocking bass bombs. John Ferrara on the bass is easily one of the most exceptional musicians I have ever seen. Jeff Mann is equally as talented as his band-mates and a former, regular on the Olive’s stage, locals were extremely excited for him to be back gracing our stage.

It is truly a special experience seeing these guys on stage. Consider myself sourced.

Consider The Source - Tihai For the Straight Guy Live @ Muzik