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This band the name nobody’s sure what to do with have recently been really grabbin’ my attention. Perhaps I’m just in a dancey/groovy mood this week, but the tracks I’ve been hearing from their forthcoming album, Myth Takes, are hot hot hot!

There’s a bit of the disco-punk vibe, similar way to say, LCD Soundsystem, and they’ll occasionally drop something more along the lines of the , yet updated nicely for the millenium. But there’s also something a little less tangible that just hits ya….hard, and makes your ass move.

You can listen to the entire album, Myth Takes, on the always generous BBC website. Let me just go ahead and recommend “Bend Over Beethoven” (for the jam-hungry kids) and “Break in Case of Anything” (for the vibe). And the title track ain’t too shabby either.

They also recently released a video for the first single, called “ of Hearts” which is equally groove-heavy. Check it:

– “ of Hearts” []

is currently on an extensive international tour hitting spots in Japan, Australia, and Europe, but they’ll be swingin’ back stateside for Coachella. If you have the means, I highly recommend it…

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