What does and Bushmills Whiskey have in ? It turns out the answer isn’t what I expected it to be either. The two have teamed up in a collaboration to produce a pair of headphones made by Grado Labs, a headphone maker in , and Wood and his DJ partner Zach Cowie (who make up the DJ duo Wooden Wisdom) helped spec out the design and give them a test before putting them out in the market.

From The Verge:

Whiskey has partnered Grado to produce a limited set of headphones partially made from whiskey barrels. But the collaboration that resulted in the “ Grado” headphones was even larger than that. Actor and Zach Cowie — who perform together as — personally designed the headphones over a period of five months.

Here’s a video showing a little more about how the collaboration came together:

This post was sponsored by Bushmills Irish Whiskey.

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