If you’re slow to get on the VR technology train then you’re already behind on the latest outputs from Icelandic artist Bjork.

Check out her new video above for the track “Notget”, off her latest release, Vulnicura. The song has been given a fully immersive experience to go along with the haunting music. It’s bonkers cool and amazing to see such a full embrace of this technology so early in its infancy. Not a surprise that it’s Bjork leading the charge, though — she’s always been a leader.

It was directed by Warren Du Preez & Nick Thornton Jones with the help of James Merry + Bjork on “creative direction & masks” with ANALOG responsible for the VR creative and production.

“Bone-like structures were grown inside of the body volume to create an intricate and delicate looking anatomy representing decay, death, and vulnerability,” Chandler explains. “We wanted the surfaces to alter materials, emit light and look interesting throughout the entire piece as it was driven by the underlying motion-capture performance. The dark, ominous atmosphere is dissolved as she literally grows into a light-charged entity surrounded by hypnotic fluid motions.” [Creators]