More fun stuff from the Beastie Boys.

After a brief false-start yesterday afternoon, it looks like has now gotten its official makeover. It’s kind of ‘bloggy’ and includes a lot of fun little places to get lost.

And we’ve got yet another video from the B-Boys in the lead-up to the release of their new album, the Mix Up. This one is a simple, black & white studio take for “Off the Grid.”

I think it’s official. The Beastie Boys have become a jamband:

Beastie Boys – Off The Grid [YouTube]

Oh no he didn’t! Yep, I did.…I dropped the “j-word” again. To me this is the B-Boys doing their patent white-boy funk with a little twist in instrumentation. I especially like the opening keyboards.

More please.

Thanks to Culture Bully for the tip.

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