Arcade Fire has been all the rage these days, and I haven’t been able to resist getting sucked in. Yesterday, I nabbed some tix to catch the band in Chicago in May, and I’m pretty damn stoked (despite yet another s***ty ticket-buying experience via TicketBastard).

Arcade Fire just wrapped up a much-hyped five-night run at the Judson Memorial Church in NYC and a few nights in Montreal (previously mentioned here). Apparently, they’ve been wowing the crowds by marching off stage and playing acoustic sing-alongs with fans in tow (which was captured on video by a fan in Montreal). One of those concerts (2/17/07) is now available for download on NPR and Pitchfork has a killer set of photos from the 2/13/07 show.

And to wrap all that up in a nice bunch, the band just played Saturday Night Live last night, and the vids are — of course — already up on YouTube. Check ’em out (after the jump) before they get pulled:

“Arcade Fire – Keep the Car Running (live on SNL)” [YouTube]


“Arcade Fire – Intervention (live on SNL)” [YouTube]

Of these performances, I think I prefer “Keep the Car Running,” which is very Springsteen-esque to me, but I really dig the chord progression in “Intervention” (what can I say, I’m kind of a guitar nerd).

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