A Call to Action | HeadCount Documentary

In a piece we posted last week about the live music community’s activism and charity, we mentioned the non-partisan not-for-profit, HeadCount, that works to register new voters and educate live music fans about the importance of voting. The organization, in collaboration with Concerts4Charity, Inc., has released a documentary on iClips framing HeadCount’s rise out of the live music scene and its influence on younger voters. Check it out:

A Call to Action (Documentary Preview) [YouTube]

The documentary depicts the growth of HeadCount through interviews, live concert footage, and music. It features appearances by a number of prominent figures in live music, including Trey Anastasio, John Medeski, Bob Weir, and Bela Fleck. The documentary also highlights activism apart from the HeadCount organization, showing the good work of other organizations and musicians in our community.

Since its inception in 2004, HeadCount has registered over 60,000 new voters and has more than likely influenced a much larger number. The organization is seeking to register upwards of 100,000 voters during this election cycle. Their focus is through younger voters, a group in the US that rarely turns out as it should for elections. HeadCount has ties with over 75 recording artists and 2,000 volunteers around the US making it an organization that is truly a representation of the greater live music community.