Many of us have been waiting all year for festival season to roll around, anticipating those glorious moments under the sun, experiencing our favorite musical artists surrounded by our closest friends. However, this summer Live Nation brings us a lineup the whole family can enjoy; an intergenerational experience and throwback to the roots of modern music today.

JUST ANNOUNCED - The Classic West & The Classic East

Suitably called The Classic concert series, Live Nation has collected six of the biggest names in classic rock: The Eagles, Steely Dan, The Doobie Brothers, Fleetwood Mac, Journey, and Earth, Wind & Fire. These artists have undoubtedly helped lay a foundation of musicality, talent, and a collection of incredible hits that have endured through generations of music lovers. This summer, fans on both coasts will have an opportunity to experience these names all in one place, at The Classic Concerts.

Names this big deserve big stadium venues, and that’s exactly what Live Nation has reserved for two separate weekends, in both Los Angeles and New York. Called The Classic West, the Los Angeles event will be taking place at Dodgers Stadium, over the weekend of July 15-16.

New York’s series dubbed The Classic East will be taking place during the weekend of July 29-30 at Citifield Stadium in Queens.

These beautiful venues are the ideal spot for moving and grooving to the timeless classic hits by these artists, while experiencing stadium sunsets set to these well-loved tunes is something truly unparalleled. Needless to say, The Classic Concerts presents a summer experience music fans will never forget

Three bands will be performing each day of the event, but luckily for fans a single ticket admission grants access to both days. Be sure to get your ticket when they go on sale Friday, April 7th at 10am, on

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