Secret Show Leak: Deer Tick Playing @ The Independent, SF on 3/3

    It’s not often that we get approached to be a ‘breaking news’ sort of music news vehicle, so whenever I get the chance to promote something that is pretty unique for the audience I like to try and put the word out. And thanks to my T-Mobile® myTouch™ 3G Fender™ Limited Edition sponsors, I have it on authority that the band Deer Tick is going to be playing a “secret” (though not anymore) show in San Francisco on Wed, 3/3 at the Independent, which is ahead of their already scheduled return to San Francisco with Dr. Dog in April. For fans of the band that want to see this here Deer Tick show, you better get in line…the show will be free on a first-come, first-serve basis and it’s going to be a good one.

    If you’re down with going to the show, you should email this address first to let them know you’re coming. They may add you to some mailing list or something, or they may just give you all tickets if you in the group that’s smaller than the allotted amount of tickets going out the door. I’m not sure either way, so buyer beware on that front. I’ll be at the show with friends and I’ll be making this my first opportunity to see this band in their native setting before opening up for Dr. Dog at Great American Music Hall in April; I’ve already got my tickets to that one.

    Who’s going to try and make it out for this? Let me know so we can chill at the show…