What Made Milwaukee Famous | Subterranean, 10/6/06


“We suck at banter.”

Of course, when the audience responds by laughing at your self-deprecating humor, you obviously don’t suck at banter. And what they definitely don’t suck at is putting on a good show.


I went in to What Made Milwaukee Famous’ set with no expectations – the only homework that I did was listening to the tracks on their myspace page. They didn’t disappoint, and they were totally professional — which was much appreciated on a night that seemed to be dominated by long set changes and gimmicky instrument changes. The music is immediately listenable, and I was getting into it before I recognized any tracks. By the time they launched into “Idecide,” I really wasn’t paying too much attention to my review anymore and was just enjoying a great performance.

“Chicago is in our top… one places to play. Well maybe top two.” If they dig this town that much, hopefully they’ll be back soon — I’d totally recommend that show when the time comes.

As an aside, I bought a can of beer which the bartender only partially opened — there was some foam, but most of the seal was intact. Being full from dinner, I just set it on the balcony rail. Ten minutes later, it was rolling around on the floor. I accused my friend of knocking it over, but she claims it just fell off on its own. Later we deduced that it was possible that the bass from the opening band had been slowly shaking it until it exploded. Can anyone who didn’t sleep through physics class refute this theory?