VIDEOS / REVIEW: My Morning Jacket @ Vanderbilt Quake, Nashville 10/20/11

So, My Morning Jacket played the Commodore Quake last night at Nashville’s Vanderbilt University…

  1. Look at their list of remaining tour dates…
  2. Figure out if they are coming within 50 200 500 or so miles of where you live…
  3. Buy tickets, go to show…

You simply cannot miss this band right now. This was my third time to see them on this tour, and I can say each show has definitely built on the prior ones, further cementing their status as one of the greatest live acts out there today. You can see them getting more and more confident with the new material, and old as well, choosing to make things delightfully weirder every time.

Last night brought no surprises in terms of set list, but its what the band did on certain songs that really made the show stand out. They continue to turn “Dondante” into one of the more epic live songs of the last decade, in my opinion, segueing into it with a 5 minute, very dark intro jam that gives the weighty ballad a proper introduction.

“Touch Me I’m Going to Scream Pt. 2” ended with a very drawn out, sped up then slowed down play on the main riff, where you could see the entire band was in sync behind Jim James on how that improvisation would go.

Touch Me I'm Going to Scream Pt. 2 (Nashville 10/20/11)

And after leading off the encore with “Wordless Chorus”, which I really like as a encore choice, they closed with the always crowd-pleasing “One Big Holiday” which the band, and their fans, will never get tired of hearing. I got some decent video of OBH here:

My Morning Jacket – One Big Holiday (Nashville 10/20/11)

Here’s a full version:

My Morning Jacket – One Big Holiday (10/20/2011)

All in all, another awesome live performance from Jim James and crew, and I’m looking forward to catching them again on tour in New York on December 14th.