umphrey’s mcgee – skyline stage – 8.7.04

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umphrey’s mcgee at the skyline stage. how sweet it was. i haven’t even put together the words yet. well, i guess i’ll try now. i’ll just give you my highlights; more words are sure to follow once i actually download the show and listen to it.

as friday night was definitely amazing, saturday night was sure to be more amazing-er, as they were planning on playing three sets. the first set, acoustic, starting off strong with a nice instrumental track with a solid flow into in the kitchen. the entire band enters, including stasik with his awesome blue mohawk. then, umphrey’s plays one of their heaviest songs in my opinion, walletsworth, in a very, beautiful and acoustic way. several acoustic staples followed, including the totally nice bullhead city. but, let’s be honest. the unbelievable highlight of this set was the 40’s theme put to an bluegrass, country beat. what’s more, it sounded unbelievable. really really good. not silly, really really good.

set two highlights for me included an awesome roulette with a crazy jam in the middle. i was a little upset to see the completely standard, anchor drops versions of plunger and uncommon. i had not seen either of these songs live yet, and i was looking forward to jamming in areas that i did not expect. well, there’s always next time. clearly the highlight of the second set for me as well as the rest of the crowd was the glory > “jimmy stewart” > all in time. i love seeing glory, and i love seeing all in time. ever since brendan did a beer bong from the balcony to the stage at the new year’s eve 2003 show at the vic after encoring, i knew that i loved this song.

set three was just NUTS. the wife soup was nice to see, but i’m starting to worry that they’re not adventurous during this song. i’m imagining that wxrt will start making this their next umphrey’s song to air. not like that’s bad, but i don’t want to burn out on it myself; i’m just being selfish. that being said, the talking heads cover making flippy floppy was unbelievably great to hear for me. umphrey’s did it justice; i can see them playing it so much better every time that they bring it out. i would have liked to hear it a little slower, as they seemed to rush through it. white man’s moccasins was nice as well, but i really did like the no ordinary love featuring elliot peck on vocals. umphrey’s played this sade cover really nice and chill. very smooth. of course, this was after the INSANE robot world > “jimmy stewart” electronic/crowd-clapping/pink flow run like hell tease. wow! what a transition.

der bluten kat ended the show. i was spent. honestly, these guys make me happier and more of a fan every time i see them. i really think that anyone that likes music that rocks would love these guys. go see them. i dare you.

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