Brothers Past
This Feeling’s Called Goodbye
© 2005, SCI Fidelity

I received my copy of this album about a month ago. Normally, any good blogger would try and write about albums or concerts in a timely fashion. I’ve had it for a couple weeks now and I really had a hard time pinning down whether or not I liked it. It didn’t grab me at first. In fact, I don’t know that I liked it all the first time I heard it. I find that whenever that happens, the best approach for me is to sit back and give it another listen in another week or so. Hence, the long-ass lag time between when I got this CD vs. when I determined what I wanted to say about it.

I’m really glad I sat back.

This is my first introduction to Brothers Past and I’m pretty confident that these guys are working to really define their own sound and style. To the fast and soaring Leave the Light On to the smoothness on One Rabbit Race, State Police, and Year of the Horse–the music is all over the place and yet completely concise. There are times when it sounds exactly like the Disco Biscuits. There are other times where it almost sounds like Cher (sans Tom Hamilton’s voice). It really is quite amazing that they’ve managed to really separate themselves within the jamband crowd.

I’ve listened to the disc now probably twenty five times or so and I think I can really get behind it. It flows very well and the production is fantastic. I know it helps with Jon Altschiller (Dave Matthews Band, John Mayer, Phish) behind the boards. Year of the Horse is my favorite track.

It’s a great album and something that you would definitely want to listen to over and over. It’s the kind of album that does make you wonder how it’s interpreted live. I’ve read nothing but good reviews when it comes to their shows, so I would definitely be looking to catch these guys the next time they get to Chicago.