Tea Leaf Green
June 3, 2006
Park West
Chicago, IL

Man…Tea Leaf Green can really kill it. They came into Chicago and simply delivered their A+ game—for the third time in a row that I’ve seen them. That’s 3 / 3 for times I’ve seen them and times they’ve left me humming their tunes for days following their show.

It’d be impossible for them to screw this up at this point. Let’s wish them well now, catch them in a small club while there’s still time (much like the Secret Machines’, Wolfmothers, and Umphrey’s Mcgees of the world…), and look out for the future of Tea Leaf Green. It should be something special to watch, and what’s more, I’m happy to say that I feel that the Live Music Blog has gotten to take part in that (albeit if only minor). Very cool…very cool, indeed…

More photos below and story below…




I knew that Andy Gadiel was going to be in attendance at this show, so we made plans to meet up. I was psyched — he’s like, my hero or something — and it was going to be cool to see him in Chicago on my home turf (used to be his home turf) seeing Tea Leaf Green, an up-and-comer from his home turf in San Francisco.

I text-messaged him and we quickly got together and shook hands, chatted for a couple minutes, said “so, we’re psyched for the show, huh?” and quickly went up to the front of the room Trevor-side. Lights go down — Andy says, “they’re the most punctional band in rock and roll” — and off we go. I’m snapping photos, half-dancing, half drinkin’ my Heineken — just having a blast.

Both sets were rockin’ from the very beginning, including a somewhat predictably “darker” second set (and not to rag on TLG for that — most bands leave their nasties for the second set once the crowd is nice and shiny) and my personal favorites “Gasaholic,” “Criminal Intent,” and “Devil’s Pay.”

It was awesome to meet Andy — he’s truly the pro’s pro of the business if he’d be willing to take time out for a humble music blogger such as myself — and I hope to hang out with him more in the future. I guess I need to get out to San Francisco for a conference or something.


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