Here is some stuff I’m catching up on reading…

The Beatles are on MySpace. The world comes full circle.

Blogcritics reviews Belle & Sebastian and the New Pornographers show from 3/11/06.

Pitchfork interviews My Morning Jacket.
“As far musical ideas, the sky’s the limit. There’s things we probably don’t think about that will always be there, but I have no idea what the next record will be like. We’ll work and rework a song. “Into The Woods” had three or four incarnations that we thought were pretty cool before we finalized what we wanted to do with it. The same goes for “Off the Record” which wasn’t a reggae-feeling song at first. All the songs are great as just acoustic songs, too.”

I keep hearing a lot about the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s and I’ve never gotten into them. They just began their national tour yesterday in Washington, D.C. Where should I start? New album first? First album first? Email me any thoughts you might have…

Update: I can listen to the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s first night on the tour from NPR’s webcast series. Sweetness…

Pitchfork reviews the Flaming Lips’ At War With the Mystics.

Stereogum lists 50 must-download indie rock mp3s. Nice, a lot of stuff on there that I’ve never listened to.

Download some live Voxtrot mp3s.

The Eels are going on tour. My good friend Joe loves the Eels.

Madonna is going on tour after her Coachella 2006 performance. Two nights at MSG? I know someone that would fly there for that…

That’s all for now…have a killer Tuesday!