STS9 / Toubab Krewe Shake the HOB

Toubab Krewe

February 10, 2006
House of Blues, Chicago, IL

I have to admit that my anticipation for this show was extremely high. The last time I hit the HOB for a STS9 show, I literally got shut out and could not find a spot in the venue that wasn’t completely packed and oversold. It sucked.

I’m happy to report that I had a much better experience this time, the show was great, I got some decent photos and video clips (shown after the jump), so I’ll let them do most of the talking for me. View the entire gallery on Flickr.

Toubab KreweMy anticipation was met with some seriously great opening music by Toubab Krewe, which really got the crowd moving, moving, moving. The crowd was very into the band and I think that they definitely picked up on this. They kept the playing concise and solid, five songs total, I believe. Overall, a great set that my crew enjoyed and we’ll definitely be back to see them next time they come through Chicago. It’s a shame this is the best shot I got of them…

STS9 was just delightful as always, although I do see some merit to Thomas Laws’ point

They started and ended the first set with some familiar cuts from their Artifact release and sandwiched many new songs in between. Standouts during that first set were all the new ones that I was hearing: “F Word”, “Instantly”, and “Aimlessly.” The whole set built up slowly and I was definitely feeling nice and chilled out.



Here’s a clip from “Somesing”…

The second set was great even though I didn’t make it through it all. Two sets is usually about my threshold for live music (obviously depending on the venue, band, jams, etc.) and I wanted to make sure I left on a good note anyways. I caught up through “Kaya” and decidedly called it a night.

“Warrior” ending…

“Kaya” beginning…

Make sure to catch both Toubab Krewe and STS9 this summer on their music festival runs.