STS9 Sells Out

STS9 :: February 12, 2005
House of Blues :: Chicago, IL

I just got back from one packed House of Blues tonight. The problem was, it was nearly unbearable. You couldn’t get anywhere close if you tried. And seriously now, why do some people have absolutely no respect for their fellow concert-goer? I have to say that I think I’m getting too old for some of this s***…

The truth is, I might actually have to come to terms with that sometime in the near future. I think I’m getting too old to handle a packed house at the House of Blues, where there are no seats. It’s hard to get around way too many people invading your private space if you don’t have a spot to sit (unless you want to hang out the freekers dancing by the walls).

The show that I saw was hot. STS9 never ceases to amaze me. They simply are one of the best and brightest bands I’ve ever witnessed and experienced. It’s a shame that the crowds that can be associated with this band have nothing to do with the actual character of the members of the music that they create.

I’m not saying that they sold out. They didn’t. But that crowd tonight sucked. It’s not even debatable.

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