When I rented the String Cheese Incident DVD, Waiting for the Snow to Fall, I was definitely hoping for a video insight into the band. What I did get was plenty of footage of the band playing in the Colorado snow, as they are from there and that’s where they feel at home. Maybe that was the band was trying to portray.

I do understand that this was released over a year and half ago. I’m just getting around to renting it, and I’m working on catching up now that I have a Netflix membership.

The DVD clocks in at less than one hour, not including the extra footage, but definitely including a totally tasty version of ¡BAM! This was cool because they allow four different video angles to choose from on ¡BAM! and Miss Brown’s Teahouse. I love DVD’s that try to at least give something extra.

The problem is that String Cheese Incident only provided us with 55 minutes to begin with. To me, this would never warrant an entire DVD release. That’s just me.

The background footage of the band, their soundchecks, their discussions, and everything else included on the DVD was definitely nothing too impressive and introspective. The band relates their love of creating music to the town of Telluride, and it shows the preparation for the Winter Carnival concert in the spring of 2002.

All in all, I actually did like the DVD, I was just definitely hoping for more footage of the band live. I’m preparing to watch their next DVD release after Waiting for the Snow to Fall, Live at the Fillmore. I’ll let you know how it turns out…