with Anders Osborn @ , 9/23/10

Photos by Rob Chapman, Words by Alex Borsody

The joined by Anders Osborn brought a packed house to last night. The band started promptly around 9:30 and kicked things off with just The Trio. Sitting in for on Hammond B3 was ’s first call session musician . The night was divided into two sets, the first with just the trio, playing funky, inspired organ jazz, and the second a swampy blues set led by Anders Osborn.

“Pot Licker” was a tune off ’s new album Groove Alchemy, and is a contemporary sounding, funky, organ jazz tune similar to or MMW. played both the bass notes and melody in an impressive display of Hammond B3 mastery.

played a soulful slide intro that was reminiscent of Santo And Johnnys classic “Sleepwalker,” the tune transitioned into a complex jazz number with chord changes in the same vein as new Orleans jazz classics, “Sweet Georgia Brown” or “Sunny Side of the Street,” this was one of the few songs they played that wasn’t off the band’s new album (unfortunately I didn’t catch the name of the tune).

After the set break Anders Osborn Joined the band and stole the show, it was now his concert and the Trio was his band. Both Stanton Moore and back Osborne on his new album American Patchwork (Alligator Records) which is produced by Moore. Osborne prefaced his song “Call on Me” by explaining that it was about being homesick while on the road (a common theme among musicians). The song was slow and soulful and provided authentic blues slide guitar. Osborne isn’t the best guitar player but he has a unique and commanding stage presence, with a very authentic, old school blues presence. Aside from the standard blues tunes, the band jammed on an upbeat melodic song for about ten minutes trading solo’s with Blades on Keys. The show ended promptly around 11:45 and the crowd hung around as ?uestlove stepped into the DJ booth.

A few days later Osborne headed up to ’s Ramble in upstate , joined Stanton Moore, and performed with bluegrass legend .