As we sailed down the dark, lakeside highway from Tahoe City to South Lake, we read the SnowGlobe Music Festival lineup aloud one more time. From seasoned favorites to fresh, new talent, the best of the best would converge on this small, mountain utopia over the next three days. But to us and our 13,000 new best friends, this was more than another music festival—-this was a celebration of another year coming to an end. Reflection, nostalgia, and anticipation running through our veins, this event had a lot to deliver.

The first word that comes to my mind when trying to describe the cold: violent. It immediately became clear upon exiting the shuttle that we were going to need a plan of attack to ensure survival. Disclosure had just taken the main stage, so we boogied our way into a warm-looking pocket of the crowd. There, among a tribe of spirit-hooded bros from Mammoth, we began our adventure. (It wasn’t until later that we found out they were security guards. Yikes.)

SG D1-15 disclosure

With one of the boy-wonders sick at home, Guy Lawrence took on Tahoe alone. Their live show is unbelievable, but Disclosure’s DJ set game is still incredibly strong. Infusing their tried-and-true hits with a spitfire electro edge, Settle had a new late-night feel. It wasn’t all bangers—“January” was a chilled out moment of beauty. Closing out with “Latch” (duh), I looked up at the massive pine trees illuminated by colorful lights and tried to pinch myself through my two pairs of gloves, two coats and three shirts. No dice-—must be a dream.

SG D1-14

Next, we found ourselves drawn to the healthy collection of ski-bros doing tricks to the right of the mainstage. (Didn’t get many pictures of this cause I was sort of busy.)

SG D1-11

And then all of the sudden–in a burst of Love and a flash of Brostep: there was a live Skrillex in our midst.

SG D1-7 skrillex

A most curious creature he is, the wild Skrilldawg. Despite incessant performing and production, his energy is never waning—-on a scale of 1-10, Sonny Moore runs at a consistent 15.

SG D1-2 skrillex

Zig-zaging between all three of his smash-hit albums, he touched on every classic imaginable. Knowing exactly what the crowd wanting, he wove in some choice Jack Ü as well: that “7/11” remix (straight fire) and that LOL-able Lion King breakdown (top FTW moment of 2014). A blizzard had set in by the middle of his 90-minute set, and it wasn’t until then that I realized that my gloves were gone. Surely, hypothermia was near. Never fear – “Breakn’ A Sweat” hits and the fire cannons bathe the crowd in warmth and light.

SG D1-16 skrillex

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