Keller Williams – Sight Club

Keller Williams
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When I received my copy of Sight, the new DVD release by one-man virtuoso Keller Williams, I was excited to see how Keller does what he does in an up-close and personal setting. He recorded the DVD at Mr. Small’s Funhouse & Theatre in Millvale, PA last November, 2004, and his DVD is done exactly how you’d want it to be. It’s Keller Williams doing exactly what he does best. I truly enjoyed nearly every second of this DVD, and I think that you will, too.

The songs and segments that were chosen were mixed together created a great mix of home movie/Keller-funny ha-ha and unbelievable live versions of some of his strongest songs. One of my favorite parts of the DVD was amazing Roshambo opener. The loop at the end gets me every time. Juggler is great as always and sounds pretty similar to every other version I’ve heard. It certainly is nice to be able to experience the song from the comforts of your own couch…

Also, Keller shows how he likes to warm up a crowd after Ninja, and it’ll get your warmed up plenty. There’s so many great parts. Swing, one of Keller’s Ani Difranco covers, is such a strong part of the DVD as well. He’s got his standard toy jam to end out the DVD–the track is called Smurd. The sound quality is definitely solid, and it’s too bad that I don’t have a digital receiver to actually experience the Dolby Digital 5.1 is its fully glory.

Keller Williams Sight is a great first-offering in the DVD department. I would imagine that Keller would put together another DVD at some point in the future, but this serves as a perfect window into the Keller Williams performance that keeps all of his fans wanting more. You want more DVD? Watch it again.