Seu Jorge and Amadou & Mariam @ Millennium Park

LMB Reader Rob went to see Seu Jorge the other night at Pritzger Pavillion at Millennium Park and had this to share…

I went to see Seu Jorge last night at Pritzker. … Holy s*** man, that place is so awesome. I’ve only been able to walk around it during the day, but the sound is incredible. I can’t wait to see something else there. It’s the perfect stage for something classical or jazzy. I think the next concert in the “music without boundries” series is a 43 piece orchestra.

From Between Thought and Expression

It’s hard for me to find the superlatives to describe tonight’s free show at Millennium Park. Seu Jorge was terrific, but Amadou & Mariam were simply brilliant. How many times have you felt the urge to spontaneously jump out of your seat and shake your butt to the beat? There were kids and grannies getting up and getting down also. It was a unified vibe unlike anything I’d experienced before, outside a rave. I am not exaggerating when I say that the majority of the crowd was out of their seats and dancing, and those that weren’t were bouncing and bobbing joyfully.

I was thinking about going to this. I won’t think twice next time…

I heard someone mumble that Millennium Park is more impressive than Red Rocks. Now I’ve never been to Red Rocks so I can’t back that up. But it’s nice to hear that the Millennium Park sound system is in the same league. Frank Gehry and the acoustic engineers are geniuses.