It had been awhile since played . Ten months ago they announced they were parting ways founding bassist David Murphy, consequently canceling their upcoming show (and the entire tour) and sending their fan base into what?” mode. Fast forward to and it seems everyone has completely embraced Alana Rocklin on bass and has incorporated new material and this fall that have reinvigorated the , and more importantly, themselves.


Inside this past Friday night, the audience was hopeful and ready to see and hear what all the fresh fuss was about. And the show was a prime example of what you can now confidently : 2.0”. Rocklin bringing new ideas to old and allowing the founding members to create around her is clearly driving the reinvigorated energy. It brought everyone back to the good ole’ days without being a nostalgia act. At setbreak I was discussing some around me who were floored with how much Rocklin was bringing to the table. The highlight of the night besides the debut of ’s “West LA Fadeaway” was the late second set “Inspire Strikes Back.” has something to prove again and it was evident from the first set all the way to the encore that a bump in the road was exactly what they needed.

One of the best things about the STS9 show that has remained constant over the past few years is their Director, . Along with and , the three reign supreme as the best LDs in the business, yet Waller doesn’t get nearly as much credit. With sight lines provides, Friday night was a sure-fire recipe for success especially with the new material being showcased. Waller has new songs to play with and play with them he did.


Check out the below and a full photo gallery from Molly Gale.

STS9 @ The Wiltern, , CA 11.21.14

Set I: Epirus > Equinox > STS9 > Equinox, 20-12 Glogli > Grow Love Don’t Terrorize, Blu Mood, Scheme Reprise > What is Love?

Set II: Gobnuggett > West LA Fadeaway > Re-Emergence, Totem, Wika Chikaka > Footsteps > Wika Chikana > Click Lang > Inspire Strikes Back, When The Dust Settles, Rent

ENCORE: March, Life’s Sweet Breath

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