Samantha went to Sasquatch 2006 and had some thoughts to share with us…

Just a quick blurb re: Sasquatch 2006. Just came back to work, after 3 days and nights of incredible music. Highlights: Nine Inch Nails – ferociously loud in your face grooves with more emphasis on guitars than I would have expected – and hey, the new Trent is one hulking, buffed-out, headshaven dude! Architecture in Helsinki – what a fun bunch making wacky, great music. I wanted to take them all home, cook them supper, and have them teach my 6 year old how to play music. Arctic Monkeys – worth the hype? They were fun, cheeky kids playing revved up music and clearly bemused at the sight of thousands of people staring up at them in an outdoor setting. Really liked them, but let’s hope they don’t get hyped out of existence. Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks – I love Stephen, but that being said, this was pretty loose. Someone get that band a beer!! We Are Scientists – my friend and I agreed, the best show of the entire weekend. Energy, energy, energy!!! These guys had it in spades, plus goofy between song talk. They made the beautiful windswept vista of the Gorge feel like a packed sweaty night club – and I mean that in a good way. Awesome – I’m sure the album is good, but I seriously doubt it would equal them live. Randomly: Beck phoned it in (great band, though), Shins sounded better as the set went on, Village Green ROCKED, Ben Lee was cute and then got to be too much, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – is it just me? What is the draw? Death Cab, Tragicall Hip, Queens of the Stone Age, Decemberists, all played great sets.

All in all, a fabulous festival, and what a hail storm! —S.

Check out Thomas’ photo gallery on Flickr (© on photo above) — there are some amazing shots in there.
JamBase: Sasquatch! at the Gorge