Review: Rogue Wave, Man/Miracle @ The Fillmore, SF 4/30/10

Rogue Wave @ The Fillmore

The Bay Bridged has some awesome photos from the Rogue Wave show at the Fillmore last week, courtesy of Charlie Homo. I was at the show with my good buddy Dan from The Actors, and it was a pretty eventful final-night of the tour with multiple sit-ins by the headliners with the openers. I was particularly blown away by the Man/Miracle set. There was something very unique in the style of music they were putting across, almost a less grating version of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. I was never a huge fan but I liked the elements they had mixed, and Man/Miracle was a spastic blend of art rock, dance punk and Talking Heads-esque flow. At least that’s how I remembered it to be…I’ll have to check out these guys again soon.

The Rogue Wave set was okay and all, but I’m not sure I’m as much of a fan of their new album as I needed to be to appreciate the set in general. It was heavy on their Permalight release and maybe I hadn’t spent enough time with it yet, but I was aching to hear a bunch of songs that just never even came close to making it into the setlist. Overall it was a good, fun show and nothing that totally blew my mind. Check out this video of the set closer and encore…

Rogue Wave 4-30-2010 [YouTube]

Anyone see this show with me? If so, what was your read on it?