On Sunday night, proved their worth providing an intimate dance party inside ’s . Songs like “Hold On”, “Do It Again” and the song which I’d claim is the best new song of 2013, “Dumb Disco Ideas” off their new album Dynamics gave the audience enough fuel to keep them dancing throughout the hour and a half set. This was my first time seeing indoors. My only other experience was at LA’s , which was indeed one of the best sets that weekend but I immediately knew their brand was meant to be enjoyed indoors, preferably a disco ball overhead.

It was the dreaded Sunday “school-night” for most but you could hardly tell looking around the theatre. The energy was up, people were drinking, talking to strangers, and very ready for the 10pm start. From the first note, the GA floor was full of dancing body parts which picked up on early and never let up. Holy ! already has some faithful followers, when songs like “Hold On” (the track that put them on the map in 2007) were played people screamed at the on-set then brought their dance routines to the forefront — myself included.
Holy ! are a duo (Alex Frankel and Nick Millhiser) but they bring a full band on the road for their synth-pop mastery. The attentive crowd aware it was Alex Frankel’s birthday sang to him towards the end of the set Alex himself saying “Thank you for the best night of my life.”

Most of us missed out on the 80’s dance scene but it is certainly making a return and Holy Ghost! is a big reason why. Their mix of what some label ‘indietronica’ and ‘nu-disco’ is spot on. Don’t miss this tour when it comes your way. They’re in , Georgia and Texas through the end of the week before heading back East. They also just announced New Year’s Eve plans in at the .

Here are Molly Gale’s Photos from the show:

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