RECAP / PHOTOS: Equifunk 2012, The All-Inclusive Music Festival

Equifunk was a funkin’ blast! What a way to design a music festival! From the moment of arrival people settled in to their sleep-away/summercamp style bunks and began to get funky, this festival was so well set up! You had beer/drinks when you wanted it, music all the time, great people, great food when you need it, and even a pool! Yes a pool with a ginormous water-slide and a stage right next to it where Equifunkers could relax in the water with their Bacardi drinks while dancing to some super sweet funk. All these things are included when you come to this festival…

So many amazing performances at the festival to talk about too! Galactic was an unforgettable, astonishing, super fun closer to the festival. It was the show I was most looking forward to and they delivered so well. Drummer Stanton Moore and veteran vocalist Corey Glover stole the show with exceptional performances that left Equifunkers mesmerized. Moore did an eye/ear popping five-minute drum solo that blew the crowd away. Joe Russo jumped on stage during Galactic’ performance taking over Stanton’s insane drum setup and jammed with bassist Robert Mercurio for a little.

Another unforgettable artist, Orgone played two shows with the seconded one being one of the most funkiest throw downs of the weekend. And Suckerpunch stole the night Friday with their first show in ten years! Drummer Mike Greenfield of Lotus and Bassist Marc Brownstein of The Disco Biscuits along with Jamie Shields of the now retired, legendary band The New Deal combined to play a show that brought elements of all three bands into a single live performance that sounded so interesting and so rare to many fans of the three bands. Other highlights included Bustle in your Hedgerow throwing down the Zeppelin set and Sister Sparrow And The Dirty Birds with great rock/jam/vocal funk!

I had such a great time at Equifunk. I highly recommended going to this wonderful event next summer. It was truly a remarkable experience and such a unique setup that most music festivals do not have nowadays. With a pool, basketball courts, gymnasium, water slide and unlimited beer and food, you just cannot go wrong. Then you add amazing funk artists to that and you have a legendary, epic music festival. I look forward to returning next year all ready.