Phish has yet to post any highlights on their site from the third night at the Greek, and they’ll likely take any request at this point. I just put in for “Light” although I do think the “Gotta Jibboo” was pretty smoking.

And everyone was raging pretty hard on night three and the alcohol and sun was catching up to a few of us in the crowd, most notably our own fallen soldier of a brother that raged all over his shoes an hour before the set even started. Thank heavens for the medical tent and some wheat thins.

Back to that Jibboo, I’m pretty sure Cookie Monster thought it raged, too.

Cookie Monster Boogies Down During Gotta Jiboo - Phish 08/07/10 Greek Theatre

And I know Gumby was there raging during “Light.”

And look at that, they actually had a photo op together.

I’m pretty sure I saw a Banana Man, too but I wasn’t able to snap any photos. Plus our good friend @Phortin rocked his toga…

…which was part of the Rainbow Coalition of Togas…

Toga! Toga!

Don’t forget about the Coventry Music crew with their disco ball helmets, setlist gambling, and Wook Patrol badges that help regulate the scene.

I’m proud to call these people my crew, my family, and my friends. The Phish community is truly a remarkable thing, that’s for sure. It’s one of the concepts that’s actually really hard to articulate to people that haven’t already been to a show or perhaps don’t subscribe to the idea that a band could illicit such a response from so many people. More and more, I realize that these types of shows and the dedication that comes with following this band can really drive a person to heretic proportions in short order. Hell, it can even cause a blog editor to completely ditch the idea of journalistic integrity as he continues to post more and more content each day that turns a once well-rounded music blog into a Phish link farm. (cough *me* cough)

With religious-like fervor surrounding the band’s return to the road stronger than ever, it’s no surprise such a vibrant community continues to spring forth with new creativity, technological innovation, and a willingness to invest in something they believe in. And perhaps more importantly — a willingness to show up to a concert and make a complete fool of themselves.

We fully support this.