PHOTOS / VIDEOS: Skrillex @ ACL Fest 2011 (DAY TWO)

One of the most highly anticipated sets of the entire 2011 weekend (judging from the size of the swelling mid-day crowd) was young up-and-comer , who’s going to be gracing the of Spin’s next issue. The set was insane and the crowd got so bad even 20 minutes before his set that the security team had to shut down the pit access to photographers. I was bummed but ended up raging nicely my team and my new friend Odie who was chilling back behind the soundboard areas.

The set opened the remix of the track, “Promises,” and immediately the show just dropped into madness. The drops were nasty and we were getting some solid flowing between tracks. Loved the “Ruffneck (FULL Flex)” transition and I got to hear some of the “hits” that I expected like “My Name is ,” “Reptile,” and “First of the Year [Equinox]” – my contender for nastiest video of the year (in a good way).

The only gnarliness I noticed was an actual missed beat and slowdown on Skrillex’s hard-drive, which I’m all too familiar with that I’m doing DJ and sequencing work for a band. He needs to open up his hard-drive cache or something.

For real, though, this set absolutely floored me. If you dig electronic and you’ve already discovered , you probably loathe what this dude is all about right . He’s bringing it to the mainstream big time and given the size of the crowd, if you don’t know and like Skrillex right you seem to be in the minority. Don’t knock it until you try it; seeing an entire crowd rock a dubstep drop is an amazing sight to see.

My photos show what it was like to chill back in the crowd. Our very own LMB NOLA Editor, Wesley Hodges, was rocking backstage courtesy of some friends at that snuck him into the + lounge (complete with photobooth, free Budweiser and an feed from the stage), so keep scrolling through the photos to get a look at what the set looked like from behind the stage as well as deep in the crowd. Check out the videos for the whomp and untz to get you through your workday…

Skrillex - ACL 2011 - , (part 1) fullHD

Skrillex - 2011 - , (part 2) fullHD

Skrillex - ACL 2011

Skrillex: Promises - ACL 2011

Skrillex- 2011- wub wub wub

Check out the little dude rocking during the Skrillex set:

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