After an outstanding weekend of shows in I couldn’t bear to return to empty handed. It wouldn’t be right. On Friday night, I was lucky enough to snag a ticket to ’s sold out show at the Theater. Unexpectedly, played a surprise set that I thoroughly enjoyed. The next night I returned to the notorious Colfax Ave to hit up (just a stone’s throw away from the ) for my colleague Elie Reiss. I was busy snapping photos for you all while Elie came up the following writeup…


The crowd was finally starting to fill up as one the openers, played a of ’ “Feel So Close”. This was so spot on that there was no distinction made between the Harris’ voice and themselves. ’s funky rhythms had no keeping people on their feet. As the two talented instrumentalists closed their set, the hype in the crowd became palpable. The first note of ’s dropped and it, the does crowd did as well. By this time the sell out crowd was anxious to hear some dirty bass drops. The mixture of trap, and made for a fun experience for both new and old electronica alike. It was difficult at times to decide whether to get taken away by the light production and professional dancers on stage or the giant inflatable dice and dancing in the crowd. The best was when managing to be involved in both at the same time. I was lucky to hear most of my favorite old tracks like “Beba” as well as a lot of new material. Even their numerous side projects, and still managed to come together and bring the heat as a pair, keeping up with the modern trends in that have seen tracks like ’s “” skyrocket to viral stardom. Bottles were popped and panties were raided until they closed the night with their most well known track, “Get the Money”. The speakers bumped and dropped their beat as the four female dancers tossed presumably fake money into the crowd, which subsequently went wild as people always do when free s*** (no matter how s***ty it is) is thrown at them. The music transitioned to the softer portion of the song to ease the crowd into the reality that was the end of an epic show.
-Elie Reiss

Check out the video below and the photo gallery underneath it.