Lotus returned to beautiful Nelson Ledges Quarry Park in Ohio to play Summerdance V and we were there to get some photos and videos of the action. Having not played Summerdance the previous year, many Lotus faithfuls were anxious to see what the boys had to bring to the table. It was a gorgeous weekend on the ledges; patrons were jumping off ledges into a refreshing quarry, dancing in the sand to Lotus, eating the famous Disco Pizza, relaxing on the beach, etc. With a maximum capacity of 2,000, this little gathering was guaranteed to be an intimate experience. And it was the first time where all Lotus side projects had the chance to preform throughout a weekend. Guitarist Mike Rempel’s yoga side project was a very calming and uplifting experience; it’s not everyday you get to do yoga on a beach with an instructor while hearing the soothing, relaxing melodies of Rempel’s distinct guitar sound. Luke Miller, keyboardist/guitarist, got disco-funky mid-day with his side project Luke The Knife, throwing down remixes of classic disco funk oldies. Chuck Morris, percussionist, got to show off his new side project NUNCHUCK, a heavily drum/percussion based sounding act. Jesse Miller, bassist and sampler, got to touch on the electronic side of things with his side project, Beard O’ Bees, which Jesse says consist of “Analog synths, tape delays, LED grid controllers and some beats”. And the band together was on top of their game busting out covers like “Machine Gun” by the legendary American funk/soul group The Commodores.

Overall it was a majestic, spiritual, enlightening weekend at one of the most beautiful places I have experienced live music at. I suggest everyone make it down to the ledges either for Summerdance or for one of there many other events throughout the summer.

Check out my recap video and photos of the weekend! (Watch video in HD for best quality!)

Summerdance V - Nelson Ledges Quarry Park - 8/30-9/1/2013