STS9 just recently kicked off their fall tour and last night they played the Best Buy Theater in New York City and welcomed their friend Beard-o-Bees, aka Jesse Miller from Lotus, to open up the show. Our friend Scott Harris was able to go see the show and bring back this photo gallery for us, and big thanks to STS9 for setting us up to shoot and letting Scott bring his camera around the venue after the initial 15-minute press photo box time limit.

The band busted out “Potamus” which they last played back in 2003, and someone got some great video of that moment which was uploaded here (h/t to for that). Read on for the full setlist and Scott’s gallery. —Editor

10.17.2014 :: Best Buy Theater :: New York, NY

SET I: Native End (*) > ReEmergence(*), Vapors, Only Light Remains, Equinox, Golden Gate, 4 Year Puma > Totem
SET II: Oil & Water, Walk to The Light, Blu Mood, Scheme Reprise, Kamuy (@), When The Dust Settles, Ramone & Emiglio, World Go Round
ENCORE: The Human Abstract (*), Potamus (!) > Gobnugget

( * ) = Alana Upright aka AXED
(@) = Jeffree & Zach wood box solos
( ! ) = last time played 6.21.2003

STS9 Potamus into Gobnugget 10/17/14 New York