Our friend Patrick Hagan made it down to Theater this weekend for an acoustic set () along with a screening of #ReGeneration, a film was heavily involved in as well as did the original soundtrack for. Patrick took some photo of the show as well as a couple from the Q&A with and the director. Check ’em out below the trailer for the film.

Here’s what Patrick had to say:

“STS9 (Sound Tribe ) played a very special acoustic set at the Theater on Sunday as an opening for a showing of #ReGeneration, a documentary film which the band was heavily involved in. In conjunction with the Boulder Weekly Film Series the doc was presented to a rip-roaring crowd of tribe followers, young activists, and students of great film alike. This may have had to do with that were only $10 advance and $15 DOS and flew out the door like wildfire as soon as the event was announced selling out the theater size venue. As any fan of tribe, or just good music and film, would tell you, for an intimate acoustic set like they played, that was the deal of a lifetime.

The set itself came immediately following their show at the night before, but was in no way a “two-night run.” The band played a couple of their hits including an epic reworking of ’s “Roygbiv” and closed it on a very tight 5 song set, leaving the audience cheering for more. The performance, as it was apparent, was incentive to bring in even more audience for the film screening that had already created a sizable buzz of its own…

The film was a thought-provoking look at the generation growing up today and how parenting education, and social media influences our lives so much more in the 21st century than in generations prior. Writer/Director Phillip Montgomery interviews a wide variety of scholars, activists, and musicians who bring in their extremely provocative and intriguing thoughts on everything from parenting kids today to the lack of activism amongst our young adult culture. The film featured speaking points by STS9 as a key voice and other musicians like Talib Kwali and even some throwback footage of paired with the beliefs of landmark historian thinkers like Howard Zinn and Noam Chomsky. Filmmakers did a phenomenal job of covering all angles and posing inspirational questions rather than drawing excluding conclusions. The most prevalent of such questions I took away was: what can you do to be the change you want to see in the world?”

#ReGENERATION: NEW Trailer for Film Narrated by Ryan Gosling