kicked off their final shows of 2012 and the first of a four-night run at in last night. The band took the stage a little after 8:15pm and opened with 2009’s “Stealing Time From the Faulty Plan.” The band was in high spirits right off the bat but kept the song selection and jams inside the box until the set closing “Wolfman’s Brother.” This version contained some great work from on keys and slid into a full band tease of “Little Drummer Boy” (Last played, April 16, 2004) before segueing back into “Wolfmans.” Check out our photo gallery and recap after the jump.

Trey Pose, 12/28/12
Trey Pose, 12/28/12
The second set kicked off with a high energy “” setting the tone for the rest of the night. The band guided the audience through twenty minutes of exploration which contained elements of brilliance before a segue into “Maze.” I can’t call this an era-defining jam so quickly removed from the show but it’s definitely a must listen. Overall the show contained really high highs with “Wolfmans”, “”, and “Twist” easily rising to the top. One thing is certain, the band is ready to deliver three more nights of rock and roll and the audience is hanging on every note.
Been Caught Stealing Request Balloon, 12/28/12
Been Caught Stealing Request Balloon, 12/28/12

Entering the arena’s back entrance for the press was an experience in itself. Walking through the hallowed hallways and down the elevator was a trip. You could sense the history that’s taken place between the walls and it’s inspiring to say the least. And yes the bouncin’ floor makes it very hard to keep your camera steady!

See you tonight!


Set 1: Stealing Time From the Faulty Plan, The , Funky Bitch, Army of One, Tube > Stash, Nellie Kane, Kill Devil Falls, Free, Wolfman’s Brother -> The Little Drummer Boy -> Wolfman’s Brother

Set 2: -> Maze, Twist[1] > Theme From the Bottom -> Fluffhead,

Encore: Bouncing Around the Room, Good Times Bad Times

[1] Little Drummer Boy teases and quotes

Notes: The Little Drummer Boy was played for the first time since April 16, 2004 (187 Shows). Twist contained multiple Little Drummer Boy teases as well as quotes from Trey, referring to Fishman.