PHOTOS / RECAP: The Glitch Mob @ Club Nokia, LA 5/10/14

There is nothing sweeter than a homecoming show and on Saturday night a few weeks back, 2,000 thirsty fans packed into downtown LA’s best venue to welcome back our golden boys of West Coast electronic music, The Glitch Mob.

Ooah, Boreta and eDIT have created a mob of fierce, warrior-type fans and approaching the venue, I could hear, nay, FEEL the mob roaring in anticipation. Most of these fans had the distinct pleasure of experiencing The Glitch Mob’s absolutely-flawless set at Coachella, so they knew exactly what kind of magic was about to happen (myself included #grateful).

As one of EDM’s very first “super groups”, The Glitch Mob has been in business for close to 10 years. However, the release of their sophomore album Love, Death & Immortality unleashed an entirely different beast. Soul-shaking and electrifying from the first track to the last, this inspired album marked a new beginning for these three legendary producers. You would be hard-pressed to find an electronic album so heavy and commanding while also being so detailed and clean.

To bring their new album to life, the trio created ‘The Blade’: a custom-designed stage instrument designed for the audience to see what they’re doing. The producing is no longer a secret—we can see it all happen. With drum machines surrounding each member, the performance truly becomes a physical interpretation of their music. With grace and passion, the guys give this music everything they have. Working in perfect rhythm, they feed off of each other—giving and taking energy. With so much sound being created, there is no room for error or lack of precision. This is teamwork at it’s finest, my friends.

High-octane from the very beginning, The Glitch Mob electrified this performance from start to finish. They played a healthy balance of new masterpieces from Love, Death & Immortality as well as old favorites from Drink The Sea, many of which received some edgy new styling to keep up with the energy of their new material. Though frenetic, heavily affected and abrasive, their music is evocative and melodically sound. They keep you teetering on the edge of being comfortable and being overwhelmed—-a very exhilarating place for a music fan to be.

Indisputably some of the best remixers in the game, the guys took the chance to flaunt these stripes–they damn near shook the theatre apart with the sexy, heavyweight swag of The Prodigy’s “Breathe”. But you already know that the best moment of the night came when the prodigious phrase rang over the speakers: “Caaaaaalifornia Love”. The crowd’s enthusiasm boiled over as the trio tore apart their newly re-vamped “West Coast Rocks”—a track that has become a declaration of pride and loyalty for many a Best Coaster. The Glitch Mob and crowd alike reveled in this moment, not wanting to let it pass.

Stopping frequently to thank their fans for their support and inspiration, these three producers are not only some of the most talented, but some of the most humble and gracious. Every step of their journey the incorporate their fans in any way they can because they realize just how instrumental their mob has been to their continued success. They are hungry for excellence and passion—not fame. That comes second.

As I expected, this show was nothing short of transcendental. I cannot stress enough how impressive this performance is—at this point, my main priority is figuring out WHEN AND WHERE I will be seeing the trio again. (Unfortunately, they’re headed across the pond almost immediately). This ravenous new style of The Glitch Mob is a force to be reckoned with. Nothing will ever be the same.