The Avett Brothers made a pit stop at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas Sunday night to a packed poolside crowd. The band played a mix of their old and new material mixed in with some traditional bluegrass covers. Opening up the show with “Another is Waiting” from their upcoming LP release, the energy was at a high the entire show. Classic Avett songs such as “I Killed Sallys Lover”, “Go to Sleep” , “Kickdrum Heart” and Scott Avett solo on the heart tugging “Murder in the City” (which was born out of Scott’s fear of large cities).

The last time they played Vegas was the Veil at the Silverton Casino (along with 2010) and at that show I asked Scott Avett about a very prideful song that was not played live much. “Salvation Song” is about their personal feelings on fame and success, and I had requested they play it at their next show. which they indeed did. They closed the show with the traditional “I am Love & You”.

The Avett’s have been scrutinized for veering from their traditional bluegrass roots, which is not far from the truth, but their upcoming album along with the previous two have been produced by Rick Ruben. Their live show however blows away any album I have ever listened to (including the new tunes). They are the definition of a live band. The brothers (regardless of the “new” direction they are going) put on an amazing, energetic show and show no signs of slowing down.

Their latest album Magpie And The Dandelion will be released on October 15th. It was recorded in the same sessions as The Carpenter so you can expect a similar vibe. The album is being streamed free until the release date here.


1. Another Is Waiting
2. Live and Die
3. Pretty Girl from Chile
4. At the Beach
5. I Killed Sally’s Lover
6. Apart From Me
7. Fireball Mail (cover)
8. Go to Sleep
9. Down with the Shine
10. Murder in the City
11. Gimmeakiss
12. The Once and Future Carpenter
13. And It Spread
14. Shame
15. Laundry Room
16. Old Joe Clark (bluegrass cover)
17. The Prettiest Thing (David Childers & The Modern Don Juans cover)
18. The Morning Song
19. Kick Drum Heart
20. Never Been Alive
21. Vanity
22. Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise
23. Salvation Song
24. I and Love and You