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A day after I saw kick off their tour in Oakland to support their incredible newly released album, Voices, I was given the opportunity to photograph the band at Ace of Spades in Sacramento. Still riding the high from their captivating performance the night before, it didn’t take much convincing myself that I could not pass up the chance to get photos.

For someone that attends a lot of shows, this was a first for me. I’ve never been to back to back shows of the same band, let alone drove a few hours out of the way to see someone. But they were that good! So I hit the road, and arrived a little after 8pm, just in time to catch the opener, . At this point, there was a massive line that stretched down the block to get into the venue and the inside was shoulder-to-shoulder packed.

is a solo project for M83 vocalist, Morgan Kibby. Their sound can be described as dreamy electronic music that builds up to dramatic climaxes. Although their style of music was different from ’s, they proved to be a solid compliment to the night. Morgan’s voice was powerful and undeniably emotional, which sounded amazing live and definitely got the crowd hyped. Her debut full-length album is slated to come out this spring on Crush Music, and you can check out her latest track called “Prague” below:

Highlights for me included “Black Out Days,” “Don’t Move,” “Fall In Love” and “When I’m Small.”

1) Intro
2) Nothing But Trouble
3) Running From The Cops
4) As Far As I Can See
5) Black Out Days
6) Turning Into Stone
7) Bad Dreams
8) Don’t Move
9) The Day You Died
10) Bill Murray
11) I Don’t Blame You
12) Fall In Love
13) Howling At The Moon
14) When I’m Small

15) Mouthful Of Diamonds
16) Celebrating Nothing
17) Futuristic Casket

Justin Yee is a freelance photographer currently living and working in San Francisco. His work is heavily influenced by music and fueled by the desire to capture the “perfect” moment. When he’s not attending concerts, he enjoys biking, skateboarding, digging for vinyl and exploring the Bay Area. Follow him over at Instagram: @yeesus and Twitter: @datninja