kicked off a mini west coast tour last night in in support of their debut album, Secondhand Rapture. Using momentum from their solid performance back in August, for this show sold out almost immediately causing two additional shows (10/16 & 10/21) to be added by popular demand.

MS MR_Independent_Watermark-17

opened the show “Bones”, a crowd favorite, which set the tone for their dark but powerful set. Lead singer, Lizzy Plapinger, instantly drew me in her unique style and infectious dance moves. In between songs, it was refreshing to hear how excited and humbled they were to be playing in again, which she mentioned has supported their from the very beginning. The highlight of the set for me came when they performed their take on ’s “Dance Yrself Clean.” The crowd sang along to all the words, while Lizzy and Max (MR) busted out their best dance moves across the stage. All in all, their captivating stage presence paired an amazing voice made the show really enjoyable. If you’re lucky enough to score a ticket before they set off for their Euro Tour in November, you will not be disappointed!

1. Bones
2. No Trace
3. Salty Sweet
5. Fantasy
6. Think of You
7. Do I Wanna Know? ( )
8. Head Is Not My Home
9. This Isn’t Control
10. Dark Doo Wop
11. Ash Tree Lane
12. Dance Yrself Clean ( )
13. Hurricane

| Dance Yrself Clean (LCD Soundsystem Cover) | The | San Francisco | 10.15.13

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