PHOTOS / RECAP: PANTyRAiD @ Create Nightclub in Hollywood, CA 11/13/13

There is nothing quite like a Friday night in Hollywood. Multitudes of beautiful people ready to shake off the stress of the week in some of the most extravagant nightclubs in the country, a title earned not because by physical size but rather production value and clientele. Create Nightclub sits high on this list, hosting some of EDM’s most popular acts as well as young Hollywood’s biggest names (just a week ago Miley Cyrus was spotted flipping off a bouncer in the VIP section). With an elaborate lighting rig that spans the entire club, a full wall of LED panels and an unforgiving mega-watt sound system, Create is one of my absolute favorite venues in Los Angeles.

When I stumbled upon a flyer late Friday afternoon advertising PANTyRAiD’S show that night, I knew I couldn’t miss it. So I cancelled my movie night plans (sorry, Mom), threw on the tightest spandex I could find and made my way to Hollywood Blvd for what would be the best performance I’ve ever seen from this legendary duo.

When asked how to define their music, Ooah (Josh Mayer) and MartyParty (Martin Folb) say “whatever works and causes booty shaking and making out.” And they deliver every time. PANTyRAiD’S sexy synthesis of hip-hop and dubstep is truly indicative of the individual styles of each member. Detail-oriented and skillfully-crafted, the PANTyRAiD’ sound exhibits the obvious expertise of these two, who have been working together since 2006 while also managing to uphold solo careers “on the side” (not to mention Ooah’s involvement in a relatively well-known group called The Glitch Mob).

On stage, their dynamic is undeniable. There is perfect balance between Ooah’s cool, collected presence and MartyParty’s infectious larger-than-life personality—you can tell that they are having the time of their lives. On Friday, the duo threw down a solid mix of material from Superior and The Sauce, hitting every crowd pleaser from “Get The Money” to “Beba” and “Testarossa’. Most importantly, the duo proved the worth of their new EP, PillowTalk, which has been met with mixed reaction since it’s release earlier this year. If you haven’t given the album a listen, check out “Sixteen & Free”:

This swagged-out & sexified duo pulled out all the stops to ensure an unforgettable night for their audience. Confetti cannons exploding on cue, inflatable dice flying around the room, and at one point I swear that it was snowing glitter—something I thought only happened in my dreams. Did I shake my booty? Yup, I did. Did I make out? A real lady never kisses and tells, but let’s just say that if I did, it would have been PANTyRAiD’S fault.

Ooah and the rest The Glitch Mob are hard at work developing a live show to accompany their highly anticipated album, so it’s likely that PANTyRAiD’S remaining 2013 dates are the last rounds they’ll be making together before working on other projects for awhile. If you’re lucky enough to reside in Dallas, Austin or St. Louis, grab a ticket and take the ride!!