Outside Lands_Day 2-78


Got to the park in time for

Outside Lands_Day 2-13
These Aussie boys have a huge ahead of them, and their set on the stage to start Saturday’s festivities was definitely something to take in. While I think they’re still working on growing into their stage presence a bit, it was a fitting psychedelic way to start the day in .

kicked off the main stage a day of indie rock

Outside Lands_Day 2-36

brought the ambient jams to

Outside Lands_Day 2-67
Everyone chilled pretty hard during this set, and who could blame us — the was perfectly suited to support your stoned-in-the-park afternoon. Loved this set.

continues to blow everyone away all the time

While I was a little concerned they were just pulling from their standard “ set” antics, you can’t really fault the fact that these rock hard and they’re up there giving it their all (bass face and all).

was awesome (duh)

Outside Lands_Day 2-79
No words. Just AZZ.

has a great stage setup

Outside Lands_Day 2-94

had the HUGEST crowd

photo (6)
I couldn’t get anywhere close, but it was absolutely destroying that crowd at the Sutro Stage based on what I saw from the show.

played the hits, the new stuff AND gave to
& The Heartbreakers - Friend of the Devil -

Making sure they kept “Friend of the Devil” in the for the Saturday night set was of obvious importance to the classic rocker and he delivered a heartfelt rendition that served as one of my final moments of day two. Fantastic day of music all around and a perfect capper a Petty set.


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