Words: Justin Ward / Photos: Justin Yee

Day two of has come and gone and I need to hurry if I want to get down to the park in time for . We’ll wrap up everything tomorrow but for here’s our quick recap for . was another great day in the park: more great food, more eclectic artists like any other day, and a closing set that truly floored me. It all started on the Panhandle stage.


I ended up catching from afar and watched him command a large audience his Hendrix-esque approach.


was incredible. The afrobeat coming from this core trio (with drummer and steel guitar backup) was the perfect mid-day for me and my crew. We were all grooving up front pretty hard. And sadly I missed it, but tveryone I talked to that went to said it was ill.


brought trap to the mainstage and it’s pretty clear it’s no fad based on the crowd reaction I saw. People came to get down. Crowd was swaying hard.

were great, but also a bit meandering. Really intelligent that seemed a little too heady for the time. delivered a confident set ending their tour and really was one of the highlights of the day. “Ready, Able” was a personal highlight for sure. Great set all around.


After I found myself in a completely opposite sonic experience known as . Wow. Really a powerhouse that I hadn’t fully expected out of them, and I was pleasantly surprised and stayed from the first note to the end. “Head Like a was definitely a throwback for me. Meanwhile Justin Yee was on the other end of the park watching the closing set…


Day three awaits! Check out Justin Yee’s quick photo recap below with shots from , , , , , Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, Grizzly Bear and .

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