Photos and words by Rachael McAllister

With three minute on the clock until Neon Trees was supposed to come out the crowd was going crazy, the energy tangible with excited energy and nervous laughter of fans about to see their favorite band. You could taste the anticipation; iPhones out all around me and my own camera in hand. The curtain dropped and the crowd went crazy.

neon 10

The show was magnetic and inspiring. When Tyler Glenn (the leading front man) shared a personal story about being 21 looking himself in the mirror and telling himself and us he was gay, he loves God, and his life is good, it touched the hearts of so many people in the audience and set the tone for the show: follow your dreams, stay young and imaginative, be you always.

neon 3

It was an honor to shoot for such an incredible band. They leave you wanting to come back over and over again, and to remind yourself to be you. That regardless if you have a spotlight on you, if you sing in front of people, if you work in a coffee shop, you matter. Always.